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BCB: Kathleen Henson

August 6, 2015 Entrepreneurs, Family, Lifestyle, Moms
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Kathleen Henson manages a major hospitality PR firm and has 5 kids. Pretty amazing to learn how

Marriott: A Star Concierge

August 6, 2015 Family, Lifestyle, Travel
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This one was fun. Consult the concierge on his favorite Chicago things to do.

Marriott: Best Mexican Food in Chicago

July 7, 2015 feature, Food, Restaurants, Travel
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This town certainly has some amazing Mexican food with plenty of spots to choose from. It was a

Time Out: Kid-Friendly Restaurants

June 3, 2015 Family, Food, Lifestyle
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I get asked this question ALL OF THE TIME. So here you go. I would definitely eat

Red Tricycle: Michigan Beach Towns

July 7, 2015 Family, Travel
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It may not be California but there is nothing like the western coast of Michigan. Read on! It’s

Time Out: 50 Things to Do with Kids

July 7, 2015 Events, Family, Lifestyle
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There is no reason for you and your family to be bored this summer if you consult

Splash: Best of Summer in Chicago

June 3, 2015 Events, Family, feature, Food, Lifestyle
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Writing this article made me realize how many great events happen in the city each summer. Here

Marriott: Chicago Tourist Traps

June 3, 2015 Travel
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A fun new project for Marriott that gives a local perspective to guests visiting the city. So

Time Out: Family Summer Bucket List

June 3, 2015 Events, Family, Lifestyle
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Not an easy list to compile but here are 50 amazing things to do this summer around Chicago!

Bump Club and Beyond: FlexJobs

June 3, 2015 Entrepreneurs, Moms
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This series is so inspiring for me. I get the opportunity to interview amazing moms from all over