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Splash: James Beard Awards Feature

May 4, 2015 Events, Food, Restaurants
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This was a dream article for me to write. I was able to interview four AMAZING chefs

Time Out: Little Beans Cafe Evanston

March 31, 2015 Family
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  This place is amazing! If you have kids, or want to borrow mine for the day,

Red Tricycle: Meal Delivery Services

April 1, 2015 Family, Food
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One of my favorite articles to write because I definitely fall into the rut of having no

Splash: Intro

April 1, 2015 Food, Restaurants
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A restaurant that reinvents itself every three months is pretty cool. Although Next reconcepts its theme, Intro

Time Out: Testing Babysitting Services

April 1, 2015 Family
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There are so many ways to find sitters these days, but are they all good? I tested

Drive the District: Spa for Teens

October 1, 2014 Travel
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This article discusses spa treatments for teens at the James Hotel in Chicago. Teens can experience a

Splash: Mother Entrepreneurs

May 9, 2014 Family, Women
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This article was inspiring to write. As a mom myself I understand the difficulty of balancing it

Red Tricycle: Reuse Baby Wipes Boxes

September 11, 2014 Family
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With wipes boxes piling up, this national article gives suggestions on how to reuse them in a

Splash: RPM Steak

September 7, 2014 Bars, Food, Restaurants
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I guess you could call this article my first “celebrity” interview. It was fun to meet with

Time Out: Raising Kids in Chicago

August 4, 2014 Family
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While everyone seems to be flocking to the suburbs once they have kids, this article was a